Boxing Healthy body healthy mind
Boxing   is   a   sport   in   which   two   people   engage   in   a   contest   by   throwing   punches   with   gloved hands   against   another   opponent,   using   special   techniques.   Winner   is   the   contestant   who   is able   to   demonstrate   his   technical   and   tactical   abilities,   evading   punches   and   avoiding being   hit.   Boxers   compete   in   the   ring,   i.e.   raised   square   platform   on   which   boxing   matches are held. England   is   the   birthplace   of   modern   boxing,   the   boxing   was   already   mentioned   there   in 1681.   Boxing   was   called   as   an   unarmed   self-defense.   In   1867,   there   were   published   by   a Scottish   aristocrat   John   Sholto   Douglas   Queensberry   VII   Marquis      "Queensberry   boxing regulations",   which   later   became   the   first   amateur   boxing      rules   governing   modern   boxing. According to the Queensberry rules: - The rounds to be of three minutes duration, and one minute's time between rounds. - The boxing gloves are mandatory - Boxers are divided into weight categories - The boxing ring size is determined - Wrestling   and   beating   against   the   ring   posts are prohibited - Assistants are allowed in the ring between the rounds. - If   either   man   falls   through   weakness   or   otherwise   and   fails   to   come   to   the   scratch   in the   10   seconds   allowed,   it   shall   be   in   the   power   of   the   referee   to   give   his   award   in favour of the other man. - Boxers   had   to   wear   soft   shoes   during   the   competition,   with   no   spikes   nor   sprigs   be allowed. These    rules   apply    even   today ,   but   nevertheless,    there   is   a   continuous    change    of   these   rules . Since   1992,   i n   the   Olympic    boxing    the   is    electronic    system   used   for   the   calculation   of    the points ,   which    means   that    the   contestant    can    get   a   point,   but   the    same   time    the   certain     number of   judges confirming it . The world's most famous boxers: Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali (USA) Olympic   heavyweight   in   1960.   Heavyweight   champion   of   the   world   in   1964-1967,   1974   and the 1978th Rocky Marciano (USA) Heavyweight champion of the world between 1952-1956. The best-known Estonian boxer: Anton Raadik Source: Estonian Boxing Association