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Boxing   in   Valga   has   started   its   history   in   1989.   The   first   coach   was   Mikhail   Shirokov.   In   the beginning,   trainings   were   held   in   the   Pioneer   House   (today's   Central   Library   Valga),   but soon   moved   to   Valga   Russian   Gymnasium,   which   had   much   more   suitable   conditions.   Car tires   filled   with   water   were   used   as   boxinf   sacks   and   gum   shields   were   ordered   from   the dental   professionals.   Major   enthusiasts   were   Russian   young   people,   but   there   were   also   the Estonians. Good results showed Kitškerkin, Kvartsov, Budkevitš, brothers Lee and Unts. From   1996   there   was   a   break   in   boxing   in   Valga,   but   in   2004   Zori   Nevetšerija   has   begun   to train   young   people.   Nahkkinnas   club   was   formed   and   became   a   member   of   the   Estonian Boxing   Union.   The   club   has   now   a   licensed   trainer   and   the   judges,   which   allows   the   club   to actively   participate   in   various   competitions   as   well   as   to   organize   them.   Club   activities   are funded   by   the   city   of   Valga   and      SA   Valga   Sport   allows   to   use   its   rooms   for   the   training sessions.   Around   20   youths   are   actively   taking   part   in   the   training   sessions.   Rajevski, Molodkin, Haukanõmm ja Kurg have already achieved good places in the competitions. The club goals are: - To unite people who are interested in boxing - To promote healthy and competitive sport - Contribution to the necessary conditions for the healthy and competitive sport - Aiding of judges and   coaches   /   instructors   for training   and   self-improvement - Leisure time spending for better health - To increase mental and physical development